Network printing trough a password protected PC


Some times you must use a printer connected to a computer that requires entering a password to access the shard documents and printers.

Lets assume that the printer is already shared from the other computer and added as a network printer in your computer. but when you try to print an error is returned.

What you have to do here is to identify your self to the remote computer by entering a valid username/password which I assume you have. but when printing you are not asked for the password only an uncool error shows up.

Here is where the trick come in:
(you should know the remote computer name by the way)

open my computer and write the following in the address bar
assuming the remote computer’s name is “computer7”, change it to what ever the remote computer name is.

now enter the user/pass to the other computer, the shard files should appear.
now go back to the document you want to print and press print. The printing will magically go fine!