OPENSKY Connection Manager on Windows 7

Are you unable to connect to your Opensky satellite internet account on windows 7? the same thing happened to me, even though I was using the “Windows 7” version of the application.

Anyway, I found a way around to make it work.

1. insure that your satellite card is running, set on the right transponder, and the right PIDs are on.

2. Download and install the OPENSKY Connection Manager, enter all settings correctly and choose direct access. this is supposed to be it, but you will be unable to connect yet.

3. click the network icon near the clock on the task-bar of windows 7, then right click, properties, the OPENSKY direct access.

4. on the security tab select “Layer 2 tunneling protocol” everything, then try to connect, it should work!!

If you get connected but for some reason unable to browse, then the problem can be one of the following:

1.your satellite card tuner is off, not on the right transponder,  not on the right pids, or does not have a signal at all.

2. For some Magic reason, sometimes on windows 7, your cards MAC address will read as zeros, if that is your case, you must manually set your subscription MAC address  through the device manager, ask me if you need help doing that .

Hope this works for you. but always remember, satellite internet IS NOT SAFE, read about that here