Play a voice welcome on windows logon (No extra software needed!)

Sick of the usual windows Xp logon sound? you can record a voice ¬†welcome with the computer’s voice to replace it!

Follow the steps:

Open the control panel and follow the numbered steps in the picture.

Setting the record device
Setting the record device

then press OK on all opened windows to save.

Now still in the control panel, select Speech

from the start menu select Run and write sndrec32

arrange the windows on the desktop to look as in the following picture.

Recording the sound
Recording the sound

Replace “You have selected Microsoft Sam as the computer’s default voice.” with the welcome message you want to hear.

Now on the voice recorder press record and quickly press “preview voice”

As soon as the speech is over stop the recording.

From the sound recorder save the recorded sound to sound.wav

From the control panel follow the following picture

Setting a sound as startup sound
Setting a sound as startup sound

Now restart windows and hear you recorded message.

Note that you can be more creative, instead of a computer message you can record a part of some music, you can even change every default windows sound.

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