Recovering passwords deleted or overwritten in Opera

I personally suffer from a very bad memory, sometimes I wonder if I still have one. For that I rely too much on the Opera wand to save my passwords. the bad thing is that sometimes, and by mistake you overwrite a good password that was stored. and you can’t remember what it was.

Unfortunately, opera does not backup your passwords, and to recover this precious password you will have only one hope, and you will have to running windows Vista or 7..

1. Close Opera

2. Navigate to  E:\Users\YOU\AppData\Roaming\Opera\Opera  and find the file wand.dat.

3. right click it, select properties and select, “restore previous versions”

4. if you are lucky, there should be a previous version of the file dating before the date where you overwritten the password.

5. Overwrite the current file with the recovered one.

Open Opera, you should have your password back!

I think you also do this to recover deleted history, deleted bookmarks, etc. you will just have to recover the right file