Speedup windows XP boot

An Old windows installation will never be as fast as a fresh install, but many things can be done to improve the windows XP boot speed.

First you must disable any unneeded services and startup programs.

There are many software that claim to do this but here we do thing Angrybyte style, the Karate (empty handed) style.

ok from the start menu select run and type:


then hit enter.


click on startup

msconfig- startup
msconfig- startup

Here you need to really understand what you are doing, what you see is a list of programs that starts every time your windows starts, the less they are the faster windows will start, on the other hand if you disable an important application you may have problems.

If you are unsure what is the application in front of you can Google its name and you will have information concerning its purpose.

A good rule is to always remove any updates manager, messenger etc.

Here I removed the applications that I don’t need:

msconfig startup edited
msconfig startup edited

Hit apply.

no open the services tab.

Here any mistake can be fatal to the system, just disable what you really recognize to be unnecessary.

msconfig services
msconfig services

You can always Google the service name to check what it is really.

Always remember the you may encounter startup items and services that are related to malware and viruses so this is a very good start to find any possible infection in your system, but lets keep this subject for another day.

Now restart your computer and a small message will appear select “do not show this message anymore” or whatever then press ok.

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