The Vista Snipping Tool.

Many useless small applications are added with windows vista. One of them is called the Snipping tool

This tool is used to capture portions of the screen, add marks or highlights to it, and then copy it to the clipboard or save it to a file.

To start it, select it from the accessories menu in the Vista ultimate start menu.

Click and drag a box around the areas you want to capture and voila, you can then copy the picture to the clipboard, save it to a file or send it by Email.

For me I would stick with the usual “PrintScreen” and mspaint combination for screen capturing for the following reasons:

  • The snipping tool does not allow you to capture open menus or the start menu
  • It can’t be easily used inside full screen applications such as games.
  • Not easily nor quickly accessible as the Printscreen keyboard key.

    It’s just good to know that it is there that’s all.