Using keyboard arrows to move windows cursor


Not every one know that the windows mouse cursor can be moved using the keyboard arrows.
This will be great when you have a problem with your mouse, or when you want to move the mouse with very high accuracy in drawing application such as MS paint.
This function is available as a part of the Microsoft accessibility pack for people with special needs, but still can be cool if you use it (unlike parking spots!)

Anyway here is how to do it:
press and hold both Alt & shift.
while holding press “Num lock”

A window will appear just press enter in your keyboard.

Now you can use the keypad arrows to move the cursor around the screen.
you can use / + – keys to change the mouse key you want to press ( left both right) then you can press the keypad 5 to click.

A mouse icon will appear near the clock, you can use it to change some settings like mouse speed etc.

To temporarily stop the “mouse keys” function press num lock
To stop using it use the same keyboard shortcut you used to start it.

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