Using Microsoft Narrator for quick list revisions

Imagine that you had to manually enter a list of 1000 numbers into an excel file, and at the end of the day you find out that the total sum is wrong, you must have done at least one mistake.

There is one easy and nasty trick to do this check very quickly, as nasty as parking your car in a handicapped parking spot. You will be using Microsoft narrator, that is a program used by blind people to be able use computers.

Here is the trick:

First copy all the data to be revised to notepad.

Now on the keyboard press Winkey + U

The ease of access (accessibility tools on XP) window will show up, select “Start Narrator”. The computer will start talking! Reading everything that appears on the screen.

Open the notepad window and select all data in it by pressing ctrl+A, the narrator will start reading your entries for you While you can look the source document and discover where your mistake is.

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