Windows 7 RC to begin restarting every 2 hours on 03-02-2010

If you are still using Window 7 RC with a beta key, you will notice that windows 7 will be auto restarted every two hours starting today March the 2nd 2010.

This is an effort from Microsoft to force the people that are still suing the pre-release version to get the full version on windows 7, or downgrade to a previous OS.

So if you have noticed that your windows server began restarting (apparently¬† randomly) ¬†after Marsh the first, don’t worry, it is not a hardware issue, it is just a wake up call for you to move on before the beta key you’re using completely expires on June 2010

If you are unsure if you have an RC version on windows 7, just press the start button and type “winver” then hit enter, if you see “Evaluation copy: expires on: 03/02/2010 1:59AM” then you have an RC version

This is a sad day for many many kids around the world.

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