ImageShack Migration Plugin


A new WordPress plugin joins the family today, the name is “ImageShack Migration Plugin”

ImageShack Migration will transfer all current post pictures to, to help you save
on bandwidth, and make your pages load faster.

The plugin will be sent to the repo today. but mean while, it can be downloaded here

ImageShack Migration is very easy to use, just follow the instructions on the plugin’s page.

Please report any bugs, or improvements here.

Update: Hey, I think I won some kind on an award!!

I’ll leave you with a nice FAQ that I  just wrote.  I hope  you’ll like it

Q. How are you doing?
A. I’m fine, thanks!

Q. Why do I need this.
A. If have been uploading pictures to your own blog for a while, you should be starting to
regret this, as it will affect the performance of your blog, tracing back your steps and moving
all post pictures to image hosting websites can take a very long time, that’s were ImageShack
Migration comes in to do everything for you automatically and safely.

Q.Will this move my post attachments as well?
A. Nope, but I have another plugin that will, it’s called “WordPress FileFactory” look it up the
WordPress repo.

Q.This is not working!!
A. You will have to be more specific.

Q.An error is saying that the imageshack url is unreachable.
A. Well most free webhosts have blocked the “fopen” command that is used to load content from
remote pages. This is needed for this plugin to function, so if you are on a free server, then
you are out of luck, sorry.

Q. I get an error saying that can’t open url.
A. Some hosts have a feature that blocks “Hotlinking” which is other websites reading your
pictures without loading your pages, you need to disable this for a second to allow imageshack
to snatch your pictures. Ask your host provider in necessary.

Q. Sometimes, a Timeout error shows up, what’s up with that?
A. It is ok if imageshack times out when reading one or two of your pictures, don’t worry, just
try again later.

Q. So why 10 pics only?
A. this script can cause a huge pressure on your server’s php process if allowed to run
everything in one go. Also we will have to be gentle with the imageshack servers.

Q. your plugin is ugly.
A. so is your mom.

Q. So do I need to keep this ImageShack Migration thingy running after I transfer all my
A. Yes you do!

Q. Why?
A. Well, because first I hate modifying people’s posts, I don’t want to end up nuking anyone’s
posts by mistake, a filter is the safer resolve. This plug in will exchange the original picture
with the imageshack copy before it is shown to the user and that’s it. Once you disable the
plugin, you will revert to your original pictures/

Q. So will this delete my pictures.
A. nope, it will just make a copy, you don’t want to risk deleting your pictures. it can turn
ugly if imageshack deletes some of your pictures

Q. You seem kinda nice, can I get you a cup of coffee?
A. That’s sweet of you! You can always buy me a cup of coffee by going to

Q. I can’t pay you a cup of coffee, is that ok?
A. it certainly is, just do what you can, say thanks at my blog, rate the plugins, and spread
the word about it. My motto is “Make the internet a free place to take and to give”

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