WordPress FileFactory plugin

WordPress FileFactory is a tool that can help you upload all files on your blog’s server to filefactory.com, a free file sharing website. This way, you will reduce your bandwidth usage, make your server run faster, and if you want, make a few bucks, as filefactory.com will pay you for each time a visitor downloads your files.

You need WordPress FileFactory if:

1. You have many files uploaded on your own server through many posts, (mp3s, archives, video clips, etc).
2. You need all these files remotely uploaded to an online file sharing server.
3. You want to make a few extra bucks.

Just follow the instructions on the plugin’s confirguration page under wordpress setting, to get a list of urls on your server, and how to upload them all in one go, then get a report file from filefactory to replace all these links with filefactory links.

I you have trouble following the instructions in the plugin, please check the detailed explanation below

  1. If don’t already have one, create a filefactory account and Logon to it (don’t forget to enable the rewards program through your account settings page)
  2. Copy the list of files in your blog from the bottom the plugin’s page . and head to  filefactory.com and click “Remote” then Paste multiple links.
  3. Paste the links you copies from here, then upload them.
  4. wait for a while for the uploads to finish, once done Go back to the plugin and click download the list of your files, or you can do it from your FF account as shown below  
  5. Upload that file into the plugin.
  6. That’s this plugin will replace all links to your locally hosted files with your new filefactory links!

Notice that the files will not be physically deleted, you will only switch to FileFactory Links to save bandwidth (and the money of course!), as soon as you disable the plugin, you will revert to your original links.

Until it is added to the plugin directory on WordPress.com, please download the plugin here

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