WordPress Gallery transformation

The gallery transformation plugin for wordpress that was used in http://cosplay-naruto.com is now released!!

This +1000 lines php script was first intended as a wordpress mod, but as the development progressed, I found that nothing other than what a wordpress plugin can do is needed. So it was converted to a plugin.

Basically, the idea was that wordpress is a very powerful CMS, much more advanced than any gallery CMS like Coppermine, or 4images. The idea then was to convert WordPress to a usable picture gallery CMS without losing the basic functionalities of it, and while keeping it compatible with the majority of the available plugins and themes on the net.

So after months of work, http://cosplay-naruto.com an experimental gallery was built on this plugin, and it had aided a lot to make the WordPress Gallery Transformation what it is today.

To take a look at this plugin, please check cosplay-naruto.com, and please take the time to subscribe there and try some stuff, please be gentle, and report any bugs you may find here

The plugin is downloadable (here gallery.transfromation), Hopefully it will be added to wordpress.org soon enough.

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