How to apply Facebook profile picture filters & overlays

Applying Filters, Overlays or frames to your social media profiles  to show support or compassion with current events has recently became a global viral trend, so we’re here today to show you how to find and apply profile filters to your Facebook or other social media accounts.

Facebook itself rarely makes any profile picture filters available, so we’ve have looked around for the best sources where you can get profile filters and we found

the concept is pretty simply, so here it is in 3 simple steps:

3 steps to get Facebook Profile Picture filters


go to , browse and select your cause, it can be a country’s flag, a game, or some other event or holiday.


Step 2:

Connect your facebook Account: just click connect when it asks you to, facebook will show you its usual confirmation page telling you this app will not be able to post on your behalf, which is good.

Step 3:

Get your filtered profile picture! you can download it, share it, or send it directly to your Facebook wall.



Update: if you’re here for Haiti profile filters, they now have them on cheer-share, just click the link and apply it.


Happy filtering

Ark Survival -sm4 mode

I have been playing Ark Survival evolved for a few months now, but I’m not impressed with the performance that I’m getting from my PC when running it. I read about the Ark survival -sm4 mode where you set this startup paramter to force the game to run in DirectX10 mode.

First right click Ark survival game in Steam and select properties,

Ark survival -sm4

In the Menu, select Set launch parameters.

ask sruvival evolved sm4 mode

Set the launch parameter to -sm4.


Save everything and start ark survival with -sm4 mode. I noticed a slight degrade in the graphics quality, but a signification increase in the frame rate.

2016-01-04_00002 2016-01-04_00004

Some users have noticed a decrease in some lighting effects, like the light of a thrown torch. so if that bothers you, just remove the -sm4 mode from Ark survival and play normally.

Fix Google Cardboard double vision with large screens

OnePlus Cardboard double vision fix

I was disappointing when I first tried my new Google CardBoard kit with my 5.5 inch OnePlus One. It had a severe double vision problem that made it impossible to use.

Even though the Cardboard kit that I bought was supposedly the “Large” model, the kit seemed to work fine with smaller phones but not the OnePlus.

I found some solutions online but none of them really worked, so finally I came up with my own solution, which solved the cardboard double vision problem completely with my large OnePlus running Android 5.1

1. Go to the Settings -> Display.

2. Change the LCD density from the default 480 DPI to 360.

3. The phone will soft reboot.

4. Try Cardboard now, the problem is solved!

CardBoard OnePlus fix

Removing Rocksmith guitar noise

I started playing Rocksmith 2014 Edition shortly after i got my first  Squier by Fender BulletStrat w/Trem, Brown Sunburst
electric guitar, the game is amazing, you’ll learn to play your best songs all while enjoying a guitar hero like experience. The only problem that I faced was the constant static noise coming out of my guitar, even when no strings are being played. I came up with a few methods to help you overcome this problem.

1. Always calibrate:

when you start the game and notice the annoying static humming sound, go to the tuner and select the calibrate tool, after asking you to play all strings loudly, it will ask you to mute the strings, the trick is not to keep your palm on the strings, just silence them, and immediately remove your hand, it will help the game identify your noise level and reduce it.

2. Reduce the recording device volume:

it the noise is still too loud, minimize the game, and go to the recording devices (under the sound menu in the notifications area) find tyhe rocksmith input device and reduce its level, I used to set it around 25. remember to recalibrate after doing this.

3. The best solution that I came out with: use a UPS with a voltage regulation function:

I got myself an APC BR1000G Back-UPS Pro 1000 Uninterruptible Power Supply , although I got it for an unrelated reason, I noticed that the noise is almost gone when playing rocksmith! it makes sense, because actually the source of the noise is most likely the AC power line, the UPS regulates the voltage level and reduces the line’s white noise.

The UPS method also works without Rocksmith!, I used to have a lot of buzzing and humming even when playing directly on an amplifier, plugging the amplifier through the UPS significantly reduced the noise, even when overdrive is active. it actually worked better than my BEHRINGER NOISE REDUCER NR300
noise reducing pedal.

RockSmith RealTone cable on PC without the Game

The Rocksmith Realtone cable is a USB cable used to connect your electric guitar to your computer in order to play the Rocksmith and Rocksmith 2014 games. The game itself is great and lots of fun. However it would be great if you could also use the RealTone cable to play the guitar without an amplifier and directly on PC, and that’s what we’re going to do today.


To use the Rocksmith USB cable as an input to your computer, first, make Rocksmith USB cablesure that it is well configured and visible as a recording device.


The next step is to obtain a virtual amplifier software, I use virtuAMP, which is free and has many cool effects with a good response time. You can download it here.

After you install virtuAMP go ahead and change the driver under the sound menu to “Windows Multimedia” also change the buffer FPS to 30, these settings gave me the optimal performance and speed.


From the File menu, pick, new and select “Everything” so that all effects are added to the screen.

PC amplifier


Rock on!

How to recover Opera Wand passwords

Opera was a great browser, but I decided to let go of it a few months ago. The only problem was that I was using Opera for a very long time, and I was depending on its wand feature to store all my passwords, now I’m stuck because I don’t remember many of those passwords, and some of them are tricky to reset (PayPal for example), so I came up with a method to reveal or uncover the wand passwords into clear text.

First you’ll have to use Opera and open the website with the stored wand password, for example Then click the wand shortcut (ctrl + enter) or click the log-in button (key symbol)

opera password recovery wand

Quickly, stop the page loading after the wand username and password are added in the page.

Now the password is loaded on the page as dots ….. , the next step will be to reveal them as text.

right click the password field and select “Inspect elements”

On the developer console that appeared on the bottom of the page find the line below (it should be already selected if you right clicked the password field when you selected inspect element)

opera wand reveal the password In that line change the following ( type=”password” ) to (type=”text” )

Now for the ahhhh moment, your password should now be visible in clear text in the password field, read it, remember it, and just walk away.

opera password uncovered

Goodbye Opera

I’ve been an Opera browser user for far more than I can remember (I’ve used it on a dial-up line if you want to get an idea), Opera was one of the first applications that I download when I get a new computer, it was one software that is never closed on my home PC, it was the safe for my digital life, but today and thanks to the new version 15 I’m ready to say #goodbye-Opera

So why did I stick with Opera for so long?

It’s not like opera was the best browser, it has its flaws, mostly compatibility issues, slow scrolling, slow startup, memory eating. But still I loved it, first of all because of the password manager (the wand),  which can get you enslaved to it if you use if for long enough, many times I read a website that I have no idea of ever being on before, and clicking ctrl-enter would simply get me in! sometimes I wondered if the passwords were carried from a previous life of mine. The Opera Link system which was added recently made the password manager just unbeatable.

The second thing is that Opera is not a very popular browser, it is not IE, FireFox or Chrome. most of the black hat techniques of passing scripts and pop-ups would just fail to get to you, just becasue these people didn’t bother with working on the Opera compatibility of their techniques. Also the page element blocking feature was a great addition, you can simply hide the annoying ads on the pages you visit frequently.

And last but not least I loved Dragonfly, the Opera developer troubleshooting utility, for me it “was” much better than Firefox’s or Chrome’s one, I think many devs would agree.

What was so wrong about Opera 15?

Where to start! The password manager is gone!! they have changed to a new Firefox like “save password” feature which will only save one password per page, and it can’t be synched with Opera Link, I know that this is most likely to be fixed in future version but to hell with it, no version of Opera should have been released without it.

Also where is CTRL-ENTER ???????? I was shocked to see that it is not working on the default configuration, every browser that I have ever used had it, why would you take it away? do I have to feel awkward every time I want to open a website??

Somebody also must have stepped on the DragonFly! Also the Developer tool have changed for worse, it is not just an unpleasant version of Firefox’s Firefly. what ruined it for me was the removal of the” click to select” in the element debugger. which is what I loved most about it

Last but not least, bugs, bugs, bugs, I guess nobody tested Opera under a bad internet connection, for example when you try to type a link, most of the time it would just open a blank page deleting everything you wrote.  I don’t want to talk about Youtube cause that will be just sad.


I know that most of these issue may be solved in future version, but I’m taking this opportunity to recover from My Opera addiction and move to a solid browser that I can rely  on. I chose Google Chrome, What’s your daily used browser?


Android ES File Explorer cannot access shared folders on Windows 7

It was working for me  just fine, accessing shared folders from my windows 7 desktop from my android phone, tables, and TV set box was something I do everyday. But then it stopped, ES File Explorer; my favorite android file manager, has started showing errors saying it cannot connect, I blamed the explorer it self, my router, my firewall, antivirus,sharing settings. it took me hours to get to the root cuase of why all of a sudden android can no longer connect to my shared folders (while other windows based computers can).

android access shared folder windows


The first step to the solution was to use terminal emulator on my phone to confirm that I can still ping my desktop from my phone, and it worked. the next step was to use wireshark on my computer to see what exactly is ES file explorer asking of my computer, and what is it replying to it. I found incoming messages in SMB protocol (samba) my phone requests to access samaba shares on my computer, then windows replies with “Out of memory”!, after doing some digging I found that this is a common issue in windowes and it is solved by a registry change.

open regedit and the go to the following key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters Look for IRPStackSize, if you dont see it, then create it by Clicking Edit, then New, and then click DWORD Value 32. Type IRPStackSize as the name, and then press ENTER. Note that IRPStackSize  is case sensitive. edit it and set the value to 12, then restart your computer. give your computer a few seconds to finish loading then try acessing your shared folder from your android device using ES file explorer. it should work, if you’re lucky.

Best Antivirus for 2013, Buy BitDefender 2013 or Kaspersky Internet Security 2013

If you’re wondering what antivirus is best to buy for 2013, you’re at the right place. We have looked around for many alternatives and ended up with two options: you can buy Bitdefender 2013 today for  69.59 USD, or buy Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 for  54.95$

Is it worth it?

While you can get many other alternatives under 20$ , buying  bitdefender 2013, or Kaspersky internet security 2013 is probably the right choice. take a look at this chart:

why buy bitdefender 2013

As you can see the gap between Kaspersky –  Bitdefender and other competitors is unignorable,  Bitdefender is leading in terms of protection, repair and usability, closely followed by Kaspersky.

The following  chart is also taken from, and it shows that Kaspersky: Internet Security 2013 has full marks in protection and repair, followed by Bitdefender which lost half a point on matters of protection:

kaspersky 2013 vs Bitdefender 2013


I personally have been a fan for Kaspersky for many year and that will be my choice for 2013. but that’s just me, as I already have experience working around kaspersky, for anyone who doesn’t or have a limited IT skills, I would definitely recommend you to buy BitDefender 2013

To learn more and buy Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 go here

To learn more and buy Bitdefender 2013 click here


UPDATE: I got you guys a special 5% discount coupon for Kaspersky internet security 2013, use this code during checkout: ANGRYBYTE2013



Bitcoins, the currency of the future

Bitcoins; a term that has started to sound more and more familiar around forums, IRC, and the rest of the internet’s underworld, is a new digital currency that doesn’t depend on any central bank or organization, instead it depends on a P2P (peer to peer) network built between its users. Unlike any real currency, or other online payment form, it does not get its value from reserves of gold or other forms of money, so why should anyone invest in bitcoins?


An accountant would highly advise you to stay away from bitcoins, they’re not real, they don’t have a fixed value, and are not really safe. While an anti-corporate geek will tell you that it is the currency of the future, and that it doesn’t depend of the economical, or political status of any country.

Our regular money gets its value from real gold stored at banks, but why does gold have any value? you can’t eat it, use it to build weapons, houses or cloths, it’s not even that beautiful! it is just valuable because it’s limited, and because society said so, thats where real money meets bitcoins.

While gold is found at mines, bitcoin transaction depend on blocks of data that are found using a complex process requiring huge processing power, this process is conveniently called “bitcoin mining”, the miner is rewarded an amount of bitcoins that is paid from bitcoin transaction fees.

Now lets talk about bitcoin mining, you need to dedicate your computer’s processing power to the calculation of hashes, you can work solo or as a part of a group called a pool, if you work solo, you’ll need to find your blocks alone, which is much more rewarding but almost impossible with regular computers now a days, as the process of finding new blocks gets harder every day. Working in a pool means that you just handle a portion of the work, the reward is then destribution among miners according to their contributions to the calculations.

While you can mine with your CPU, GPU mining is much faster and much more rewarding. My Core i7 2.67 ghz can do a humble 14 mega hash per second, while my ATI radeon 4890 OC is able to get around 120 mega hashes at stock frequencies. Usually ATI (AMD) GPUs are the best for mining due to their architecture nature, nVidia preformance is rather scarce  .

The mining process on a GPU is very heavy and the temperature of the GPU and PSU will sky rocket in just a few seconds. Sove people are investing in mining by building mining dedicated machines using many GPUs on crossfire, reaching up to 3G hash/s, an investment that is looking more and more futile as the income of the investment is constantly decreaing due to the increase in the number of miners and the increasing complexity of the mining process. After a couple of hours of abusing my GPU at 75 C degrees and its fan running at 75% speed (LOUD) I only made 0.02 BTC which is 0.14 dollars at todays rates, so mining doesn’t look to be worth your time or electricity anymore.

So bottom line is, don’t go rushing into bitcoins, take a long time to read and understand everything there’s to it before doing anything, investing in mining hardware is generally a bad idea after 2011. let us know what you think.