I am happy to present you my new wordpress plugin TagGator.

TagGator is a wordpress plugin that allows you to quickly lookup all your posts for selected keywords and add these keywords as tags to the returned posts.

Lets say you have different post on which you talk about “wordpress”, and you wanted to add a new tag “wordpress” to all of them without having to manually look them up add the tag to every and each post, you can simply install tagGator write “wordpress” in the tag field and hit enter. All posts talking about wordpress and now tagged!

I’ll submit this plugin to wordpress.org today,IĀ  hope you enjoy it

I would love to have some feedback so if you tried it, please let me know your experience with it.


(6-4-2012) NoticeĀ 

There has been some reports of an SQL injection vulnerability in TagGator, I would like to reassure all users that we have checked the published exploit and confirmed that it was not valid.

The Exploit says that the get parameter tagid can be used to execute sql on a website. TagGator doesn’t have this GET parameter, in fact, it doesn’t have any GET parameters, and even if it did, trying to execute the plugin directly outside of wordpress will result in error at the first line of code as all wordpress functions are inaccessible.

No code is completely immune to hacking, TagGator is not an exception, but at least not with this exploit. As any developer, I am doing my best to keep my work safe and useful to my users. If you would find any security risks in my work, please report to me through the contact us page.



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